Flood Protection Authority has Success with Laserfiche

The Flood Protection Authority (FPA) is responsible for helping to protect the residences and business in the New Orleans Metropolitan area from flooding disasters. They currently operate in four different locations with approximately 265 people. Their structure, large workforce, and multiple departments can make invoice approval processes challenging. That’s where SYGNVS and Laserfiche Forms come in. 

By working with SYGNVs and implementing Laserfiche Forms, the FPA was able to reduce their invoice processing time by more than 50%. This allowed them to streamline their processes and improve their productivity. By allowing each vendor to upload their invoices through the portal on the FPA website, there is now a reduced risk of invoices being missed or overlooked. 

How does it work? 

Step 1: Invoices are submitted through a vendor portal on the FPA website. 

When the vendor clicks the Submit Invoice button on the website, a vendor invoice upload form created from Laserfiche Forms loads. The vendor types in the vendor number and is presented with a list of assigned projects using Abila MIP. The vendor selects the appropriate project, enters the invoice information and uploads the actual invoice. The form automatically calculates the balance that needs to be paid based on the project information. 

Step 2: A vendor provides invoice information  and uploads the invoice through Laserfiche Forms. 

After the form is submitted, it is assigned to the project manager for review. The project manager looks at the pending balance and compares it to the balance on the invoice. She or he also verifies that the coding was done properly in Abila MIP, and the work has been completed.

Step 3: The project manager verifies the information on the invoice and the coding.

The invoices and associated documentation are saved in the repository, in a folder by fiscal year and vendor. 

Step 4: Invoices and associated documentation are saved in the Laserfiche repository.

Each invoice has appropriate metadata assigned, including the name, vendor number, date, invoice number and invoice amount.

Step 5: Invoices have appropriate metadata attached.

Once a week ,  Accounts Payable exports the metadata information for the approved invoices from Laserfiche into a spreadsheet and uploads it into Abila MIP.

“Before Laserfiche, approving and tracking contracts and projects was super manual. The more data/documents we have in the system, the more powerful Laserfiche becomes,” says Director of Finance, Kelli Chandler.

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