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Laserfiche Document Management System

Making Content Easily Accessible and Searchable

With Laserfiche’s industry-leading document management tools, you bring all your documents into one place—quickly, easily and securely.

Apply Document Annotations

Add stamps, sticky notes, textboxes, highlights and more, to documents

Keep Sensitive Text Private

Redact selected document text to keep it secure from unauthorized viewers

Oversee Your Repository

Track and audit every action on documents and folders throughout the enterprise

Share Public Records

Increase transparency by making vital information easily accessible through a public portal

Secure Document Management

Gain peace of mind knowing you can restrict access to documents, information and externally shared links

Keep Track of Document Versions

Track, display and compare multiple versions of the same document in one place

Laserfiche Document management focuses on:

  • Reducing lost and misfiled documents.
  • Providing faster search and retrieval of documents.
  • Helping to better organize existing documents.
  • Improving general work processes and organizational efficiency.
  • Reducing the amount of physical space used to store documents, such as file
  • cabinets, boxes
    and shelving.

The Buyers Guide to Document Management Software

Grab a copy of our buyer’s guide to choosing the right document management software where you'll learn:

The top benefits of document management software

How to find the right system for your needs

Critical questions to ask your vendor

The typical return on investment (ROI)

How the purchasing process work

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Free LaserFiche Learning Online

Are you a LaserFiche customer looking to learn more about how to get the most out of your document management system? Then you're in luck!

Click below to access an extensive library of FREE training videos available to you including these popular topics:

  • Overview of Metadata
  • Organizing Documents and Folders in Laserfiche
  • Laserfiche Folder Browser Overview
  • Emailing Documents in Laserfiche
  • Advanced Search Types

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Laserfiche Video Library

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