What is Louisana SBET and How you can benefit

When you’ve taken the time to select and introduce a new software or program to your business, you’re bound to be eager to see its results as quickly as possible.

This is especially true with management programs, which are designed to help you structure your business from top to bottom.

However, it takes skill and training to best utilize these programs in a way that benefits your business’s day-to-day dealings and bottom line.

To develop these skills effectively, SBET training, or Small Business Employee Training, has been designed for existing employees of small businesses in Louisiana.

Let’s take a look at what this training consists of and how it works. You’ll also discover its benefits and how to use it to maximize the potential of your business’s software and related programs. That way you’ll be able to decide how to best reap the benefits of this training program.

What is SBET Training?

SBET training is a type of electronics training geared toward small businesses. This one-on-one approach allows employees to receive the individualized, standardized training they need to best operate new and existing software.

SYGNVS is able to offer free Louisiana SBET training under the IWTP Small Business Employee Training Program. Through this program, employers are reimbursed for tuition, textbooks, materials, and the like once the training is completed with a limit of $3,000 total in expenditures per employee.

There are some qualifications to meet to take part in this training service. Your Louisiana-based business will need to have been in existence for 3 or more years and operate with 50 employees or less. You also must be current on state taxes.

Your trainees must also be incumbent workers that you incur a UI tax liability on and must not receive IWTP Small Business Employee Training and IWPT customized training at the same time.

Be sure to check out the Louisiana Workforce Program’s Incumbent Worker Training Program guide to determine if your business meets the qualifications.

How Does SBET Training Work?

There are several shapes SBET training can take. These programs may be offered for credit or non-credit purposes at an educational institution or by a manufacturer’s representative within a year of purchasing the equipment.

The training might also be given by a manufacturer’s representative to improve desired skills or through a trade association, be it state, national or regional.

To ensure that your employees receive the educational instruction you’re looking for and that the instructors meet the requirements, you’ll want to review all the eligibility and process information in full through the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving SBET Training?

One of the best things about this type of training is that your employees will be able to put the knowledge to work right away. Unlike many training programs, the skills acquired here are concrete and advantageous to your business.

Because SYGNVS offers training based on skills your employees need, you should see an improvement in their capabilities quickly.

Trainees will learn how to best use software to maximize results. An inventory product like Sage 100 ERP has the capability to reduce errors and meet targeted goals when properly utilized. This real time inventory management software is user-friendly and intuitive, making it much easier to learn while managing multiple warehouses.

If you’re ready for your employees to increase productivity and profitability through an intuitive interface, reach out to SYGNVS. We’ll happy to talk to you about how your organization can make the most of its new software through SBET training. To discuss how to invest in your business and employees, be sure to reach out to us at 985-892-7207.

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