Providing access to real-time collaborative information with MAS90 and MAS200





The features available with MAS90 and MAS200 are a perfect fit for a distribution or manufacturing company. For mid sized firms in these industries, a robust off site system is critical for organization and internal workflows. 

 The capability to access an internal accounting system remotely is not enough to compete in today’s market.  For a company to remain operating efficiently and fulfill their customer’s needs, they must have order processing capabilities in real time.  Sage accounting provides access to real-time collaborative information from remote locations.  All operators from these locations can collaborate on transaction history and ERP Distribution with MAS90 and MAS200 software.  This allows orders to be viewed in real time as they are updated through a purchase order and assigns an inventory item to a sales order all in real time, and viewable by all remote users.

Sage MAS accounting software is critical for a distribution structure with different locations and cuts out almost all of the internal workflow for traditional time delayed processes.  Integrated accounting software allows workflow from different remote locations to work in unison, allowing the company to process orders, efficiently account for all inventory needs, ensures order accuracy and saves time.  Not only does the Sage MAS have the most advanced solutions for intricate inventory and order workflows, it also integrates with your core software solution.  Order process that before may have seemed tedious and complicated now can be handled with integrated software designed specifically for the complexities of inventory workflow.

Sage accounting software has made incredible advancements in the latest accounting software integration. The integrated accounting software distribution industry has been able to function on a wider scale of geo-markets and has allowed businesses to become robust since the advancements produced from the MAS90 and MAS200 software. Integrating the sage mas software has greatly improved operational workflow for many companies and can improve your too!

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