Introducing Sage 100 2023

Sage 100 2023 is now available and includes over 40 enhancements and updates. Here’s a look at what’s new in the latest release.

Sage 100 Desktop Updates

A variety of enhancements are incorporated into the Sage 100 desktop in 2023 including:

  • Recent Tab: this new tab shows tasks that have been accessed recently so you have a quick way to get back to the tasks you used frequently and often.
  • Persistent Active Tab: the last tab you accessed on the ribbon now persists after exiting Sage 100 and will now be the active tab the next time you log in.
  • More Helpful Tooltips: enhanced tooltips now show where tasks are located so when hovering, you can easily see where the task is accessed from.

Masked Data for Better Security

The 1099 Vendor Taxpayer ID/Social Security Number is now masked in data entry tasks and will also print masked on the Vendor Listing, Vendor Listing with Balances, and Vendor Mailing Labels.

In addition, vendor ACH bank account and routing numbers are now masked in data entry tasks and will also print masked on the Vendor Listing. The routing transit numbers are also masked in ACH Maintenance. In both cases, only Sage 100 users with the appropriate security access can view this sensitive information and access the options to print unmasked data.

sage 100 masked id numbers

Inventory Management Enhancements

In the Inventory Management module, a new ‘Display Quantities for Inactive Warehouses‘ check box has been added that allows you to hide inactive warehouses.  In addition, a new checkbox to ‘Show/Hide Zero Quantities for Lot/Serial Items’ has been added, allowing to initially display lot/serial items with zero quantities on the Cost Detail tab in Item Maintenance and Item Inquiry.  Both of these new options are available on the Additional tab in Inventory Management Options.

What’s more, a range of new data fields, planning options, and inquiries are available in Inventory Requirements Planning that enhance the process and flexibility.

Select Serial Numbers by Range

Originating from the Sage 100 ideas website, a ‘Select Serial Numbers by Range’ button has been added in Lot/Serial Number Distribution. You can select serial numbers using a range instead of scrolling through a list to find the starting and ending serial numbers.

We’ve only scratched the surface of all the new features packed into Sage 100 2023. Be sure to contact us with questions or to request help upgrading to the latest Sage 100 2023 release.


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