The Surprising Ways Cybercriminals Are Targeting You and Your Real Estate Clients

How much thought do you give cyber security to your overall daily business? This day and age, probably quite a bit. You know the obvious things to look for. The Nigerian Prince, the strange website links, etc. You even installed anti-virus software on your computer. While these are all great things to look out for, cybercriminals are getting more advanced with new techniques
coming out daily.

Did you know, the real estate and construction industries are one of the top targets for cyber crime? The frequent money transfers, lax security standards, and frequent communication (especially via text and email) makes these two industries more vulnerable to security and data breaches.

Cyberattacks in the real estate industry has grown 136% in the last two years with losses over $10 billion dollars. Since most agents use their personal email accounts for work. Real estate agents and their clients likely have no email security solutions in place, use weak security passwords, and many times use their own marketing automation systems. All of these components create a tempting and potentially very fruitful opportunity for a cybercriminal.

The lack of email security makes it easy for hackers to break into agents’ accounts and impersonate them. SYGNVS Integrated Solutions works with real estate firms to establish a robust email security solution to protect them from a variety of attacks. We combine the necessary components to safeguard customers against today’s latent threats like phishing attacks, zero-day attacks, DoS attacks, and more.

The best way to prevent human error is with education. You might not be able to educate every single individual involved in these complicated processes, but each person that you do train strengthens your defense and minimizes the risk to all parties involved.

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