The Benefits of Process Automation for Any Organization With Laserfiche® Software

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Process automation helps organizations streamline their operations by managing the flow of content and information without tying up employees’ time.

Modern organizations face a number of challenges in the increasingly fast-paced global economy. The information age has created an environment where clients and partners expect things to be done quickly without any sacrifice in quality. Doing more with less is the order of the day. Process automation through Laserfiche® software is one way small businesses, non-profits, and government entities alike can handle ancillary but essential tasks and free up staff to focus on the organization’s core functions.

How Process Automation Works

Process automation provides a system that integrates the crucial information an organization runs on. Using enterprise content management (ECM), all forms such as invoices, reports, and purchase orders are scanned into the system where they are sorted and routed to the appropriate staff member for action. ECM can also integrate a paying and accounting system, meaning that approved invoices, bills, and other accounts payable are handled automatically. A record of all the documents, approvals, payments, and transactions are recorded in the system allowing for easy retrieval of any information for tax and regulatory reporting.

Organizational Benefits From Process Automation

Organizations derive a number of benefits from process automation. Most importantly, ECM streamlines processes and cuts down on steps and paperwork, meaning that the same amount of staff members can get more done without putting in longer hours. Automation cuts down on human error by making routine processes part of the system. It also improves transparency by giving clearly defined workflow steps and allowing organizations to target areas causing errors or delays in the process.

SYGNVS Integrated Solutions can help any organization supercharge their efficiency and productivity by implementing cutting-edge process automation tailored to each organization’s unique needs. More than 35,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—use Laserfiche® software to streamline document, records, and business process management. Our mission is to provide effective products and services that save our clients time and money. Not only can we set up a Laserfiche process automation system, but we can also ensure it is performing at the highest rate possible with IT support and remote assistance to handle any difficulties as soon as they pop up. To see what we can do for you and your team, contact SYGNVS Integrated Solutions today.

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