Success Stories

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Flood Protection Authority New Orleans, LA

With 265 employees across four physical locations, the Flood Protection Authority (FPA) is responsible for overseeing the flood defense system in metropolitan New Orleans, LA. FPA worked with their solution provider SYGNVS to automate the invoice approval process with Laserfiche Forms, cutting invoice processing time by more than half from 30-45 days to 10-15 days.


St. Charles Parish

In this day and age of smartphones and cloud based computing systems, you might assume that all parish government divisions communicate seamlessly to share data with each other. You’d be wrong! The technology gap between government departments can sometimes feel as big as the Gulf of Mexico!


West Feliciana Parish School Board

Sometimes we keep things in our lives because they work. They’re not ideal. But you know what they do for you and what you can count on. The West Feliciana School Board had several systems in place for managing HR, Payroll, and Finance; that Budgetary Specialist Denise Smith referred to simply as “ancient”.

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