Laserfiche: Functions and Benefits for Your Organization

Organizations rely on streamlined workflows and efficient business processes to function at their best.

Too often, document and record management is not factored into this equation. This oversight can lead to the loss of critical data.

Instead of trying to piece together a system to manage every digital and physical document that pertains to your organization, imagine controlling all of your enterprise content from one fully integrated software suite. This suite, Laserfiche, was designed with organizations like yours in mind.

Read on for an in-depth look into Laserfiche and its unique capabilities.

What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche was created to help organizations like yours manage and process information in an efficient and streamlined manner. But how does it work exactly? As a document management tool, Laserfiche delivers the right content to the right person through an optimized decision-making process. This process is performed through a combination of comprehensive content management functionality and business process management tools.

What makes Laserfiche unique from the other enterprise content management (ECM) systems on the market? It’s designed to adapt perfectly to the individual needs of an organization. This means you and your team will be able to configure Laserfiche easily to meet your goals without the assistance of an IT department.

With Laserfiche, you’ll be able to make use of workflow tools to capture and automate digital and paper documents. By doing so, your content will be secure and available to authorized users only.

With Laserfiche, you can select from Rio, designed for large organizations, and Avante, made for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users. But before you do, let’s discover the advantages this ECM will bring to your organization.

How Will Laserfiche Benefit My Organization?

Picture this familiar scenario: An employee has misplaced a crucial document, and your team needs it now.

You’ve searched everyone’s office, and practically turned the building upside down in hopes of finding it. Time is running out. Other important processes are stalled and waiting on the retrieval of this document to move forward. Sounds like a headache, doesn’t it?

With Laserfiche, you’ll avoid nightmare-inducing occurrences like the one we just described. In fact, you’ll be able to capture, secure and automate documents from day one. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage all organizational content throughout its lifecycle with your desktop computer, scanner or mobile device; all it takes is one application.

Laserfiche can be used to keep track of everything from business expenses to project feedback. Users have the freedom to design and configure forms without the assistance of a developer, saving time and money.

To further streamline the process, you’ll be able to automatically pull up personal information from primary apps and approve forms by simply hitting reply on email notifications. User credentials maintain confidentiality and security. Authorization may be provided to users inside and outside your organization for easy sharing and collaboration.

Digital signatures allow users to sign off on reports. Files can be attached to these forms and submitted all from the Laserfiche interface, eliminating the need for multiple programs and processes.

If you’re wondering what else Laserfiche can do for your organization, check out the following benefits:

  • Accelerated business processes
  • Organized and prioritized user tasks
  • Enhanced flexibility and adaptability as an organization
  • Consistent and reliable information
  • Improved performance through increased visibility
  • Report progress transparency with status updates and progress bars
  • Failsafe security and auditing features
  • Efficient record management
  • Instant search and retrieval of content
  • Document management in one central location

Ready to free your organization’s critical data from physical documents and PDF files?

Click to get in touch with the Laserfiche experts here at Sygnvs or download the state and local government brochure for more details about electronic document management can help you deliver better public service.

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