How secure is your password?

According to Splash Data’s latest research, if your password is on this list, it’s easy to guess, putting your security at risk.

Simple passwords are very vulnerable to hackingJust because you have a long password with a variety of characters doesn’t mean it can’t be easily guessed. For example, some password checkers consider “qwerty” to be weak, but “qwerty1” to be very strong. These variations are easy for hackers to figure out.

Use these 3 ways to improve password security

1. Create a password phrase instead of using simple words
2. Use a different password for all of your accounts – this means hackers can’t access multiple accounts if just one account gets hacked
3. Try a using a password manager to organize and secure your passwords

Two-factor authentication is becoming the standard for secure passwords. It’s becoming more and more of a necessity.

Did you know that 90% of passwords can be cracked in less than six hours? A strong password is just not always enough.
Two factor authentication adds an important extra layer of security to all your online activity. Many people think it is too time consuming, but it is becoming an essential part of cybersecurity.

What is two factor authentication? According to Secure Swiss Data, “The second layer (authentication) could ask for the name of your cat, a secret code sent to your phone, or a fingerprint.

Two-factor authentication prevents anyone from resetting your password, and if you have it on your email, it keeps hackers from using your email account to reset all your other passwords.

Read the latest article from Microsoft on multi factor authentication.

Take the time to make your passwords more secure – and make sure to educate your employees about these security best practices.

Strengthening your passwords is just one way you can protect your data. We have many other proven methods and processes to share with you and your employees.

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