5 Steps for Going Paperless with Laserfiche

Remember when you had to wait for documents and invoices to come in the mail, or could only submit paperwork in person? Today’s paperless document management technology has made it faster and easier to get and share information. Instead of emailing a PDF that then needs to be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed back, a form can be completed entirely digitally, including signatures.

What’s more, the cost of paper in an office goes beyond each ream itself; it includes the cost of printers, ink, and even the man-hours of processing.

Going paperless not only saves money, but the digital workflow procedures you can create will also make your company more efficient.

Here are 5 steps for going paperless with a document management system like Laserfiche.

Step 1: Get Everyone on the Same Page

Change can be hard, especially when you have a long-established way of doing things. Explain the reasons for the change and what processes will or won’t be changing.  Create clear company policies for going paperless.

It takes around 66 days to develop a new habit. Set out your new procedures and remind people regularly about the importance of following the plan.

Step 2: Create an Implementation Plan and Set Goals

Going paperless won’t happen overnight. Your company needs to set clear goals and create an implementation plan to manage the process.

Start by organizing your current paperwork and files in a system that works for your company. Each department should handle their own, while also following company-wide guidelines.

One question you’ll need to ask yourself is what current files you need. Previous years files just get put in file cabinets, boxed up and forgotten. Determine how far back you really do need to keep.  Do you need records from 15 years ago?  

Step 3: Invest in the Right Technology

Going paperless at work will be much easier if you have the technology and tools in place to support your efforts.

Depending on your company or department, you’ll also need software that can handle specific document needs, such as invoice approval.  Laserfiche has tools that can quickly create processes to automate approvals that are still paper based.

Taking advantage of these tools and technologies will make sharing and collaboration easier and faster, as multiple people can work on the same files.

Step 4: Provide Training

When your new systems and processes are in place, make sure everyone in your organization is set up for success.  On-demand training videos are available with Laserfiche Aspire.

Once people see how easy using your new electronic systems and tools can be, and how much time they can save, they’ll be much more likely to get on board and stick with using them.

Step 5: Stay Digital Moving Forward

It is important to make sure you keep up the momentum. Digitizing your files is just one part of the process. To truly make a change, your operations need to be digital going forward. So, use the new technology you’ve invested in and look for other ways to become more digital and efficient.  Attend Laserfiche Empower annual conference to ensure you are using the technology to its fullest potential.

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