Cyber Strong: Five Top Cyber Security Tips

All it takes is one click to compromise your online security. Save your organization from potential loss with these five tips for staying cyber strong.

As technology advances, so do cybercriminals. What previously kept your network safe may now be considered the bare minimum as phishing tactics become more sophisticated, making victims of even some of the savviest computer users. In fact, 44 percent of small business have reported being the victim of a cyber attack, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Thankfully, there are some key cyber security tips you can use to tighten your security and protect your organization from cyber attacks.

Maintain Strong Passwords

Have you ever noticed those password strength checkers? They’re there for good reason. The stronger your password is, the harder it is for cybercriminals to hack into your accounts. So remember to create passwords that are at least 8 characters long and are a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols whenever possible. Also, make a habit of updating your passwords multiple times throughout the year.

Check the Sender

Make sure you check the email address to confirm that your emails are legitimate. Pay close attention; sometimes, phishers will delete or transpose letters in an attempt to go unnoticed. For example, you might get an email from “[email protected]” in an attempt to pass as When in doubt, always delete the message.

Hover Over Links

It’s easy to change the text on a hyperlink so that it appears as if you will be sent to a safe site. However, if you hover your pointer over the link, a box will pop up displaying the actual link. Make sure to take a look before you click. Avoid any links in your hover over display that do not match with the link’s URL.

Train Employees on Security Practices

It’s important that each member of your organization is properly trained on the security measures they should take to protect the network. All it takes is one accidental click to potentially put personal and financial information at risk. So, ensure everyone knows your cyber security protocol, especially any new hires.

Back Up Your Data

Data can be lost in a second due to phishing, viruses and malware, computer issues, and even unintended deletion. Prevent this catastrophe by backing up your information both onsite to an external device and offsite to keep your files safe in a remote, secure location.

At SYGNVS Integrated Solutions, we make cyber security easy by providing complete security solutions. We offer multiple solutions to protect businesses from ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats, such as Cryptolocker. We understand the latest trends in malware and the best tactics to prevent them from infecting your data. Contact us today for more information on protecting your business.

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