They may appear calm to the average beachcomber, but nonprofit finance waters can be fraught with peril. Whether you’re being carried away by a fiscal year-end riptide, or prepping for the tsunami of new calendar year tasks, fear not! Abila – like any good lifeguard – is constantly patrolling the water’s edge and performing patron

Sometimes we keep things in our lives because they work. They’re not ideal. But you know what they do for you and what you can count on. The West Feliciana School Board had several systems in place for managing HR, Payroll, and Finance; that Budgetary Specialist Denise Smith referred to simply as “ancient”. “Some things

No doubt your nonprofit spent countless hours developing the annual budget. But how well are you monitoring its health throughout the year? Inevitably, changes occur ― whether it’s new funding, higher expenses, or unexpected opportunities ― which necessitate ongoing monitoring, assessing, and revisions to the budget. To help with this process, Abila has developed the

Abila 2017 Predictions

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 by

With a landscape that is ever changing, it is important to look to the future in order to be prepared for what is coming next. As a part of their mission to help non-profits with financial, accounting, and software solutions, Abila has put out their predictions for non-profit finance and accounting in 2017. Let’s take

Abila Year-End Survival Guide

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 by

While parts of your nonprofit organization focus on all-important end-of-year fundraising efforts, as the finance team, you’re working hard to stay afloat during your own year-end tasks and procedures. Consider the second annual edition of Abila’s Year-End Survival Guide your personal flotation device, providing you with the tools needed to navigate the (sometimes) turbulent waters of fiscal

Most of us look forward to fall as the weather finally begins to cool down, and we feel the holidays on the horizon. As the new season kicks off, we often take stock of our surroundings and make plans to finish the year successfully. For those in the accounting world, September is the month of

Ahh, budget development. It seems like it should be an easy task, doesn’t it? You develop the budget, get some feedback, make changes, and you’re done! Any financial professional will tell you it’s hardly that easy. Budget development isn’t exactly a linear process. To get from A to B, you’ll have to make several pit

Presenter: Wes Dubay, Sales Engineer/Consultant Thursday Maximizing Financials – Make sure you are getting the most out of MIP’s report writer for financial reporting’  AND learn the latest  ‘MIP Tips and Tricks – discover shortcuts and best practices. With MIP Fund Accounting, you can: Analyze with Confidence: Robust analytical tools and role-based dashboards help organizations

What if you could break free of spreadsheet-heavy accounting processes without compromising efficiency? Let’s face it; it’s exhausting trying to keep track of it all, and it can often feel like spreadsheets reign supreme. With a true fund accounting™ solution, you can say goodbye to those tiresome spreadsheets and hello to customized reporting and tracking.

Doing more with less has become somewhat of a battle cry for today’s nonprofits. Nonprofits are required to operate with fewer resources so they constantly strive to be more inventive to exceed expectations and advance the organization’s mission. Being nimble and maximizing efficiency are cornerstones of successful nonprofits that are accustomed to getting more done

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