Does your business collect sales tax? If not, should you be? If so, are you in compliance with state and parish regulations? Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one stop shop” for all things sales tax. Although sales tax and accounting software can help, you still have to stay educated and be diligent in your part to

How much thought do you give cyber security to your overall daily business? This day and age, probably quite a bit. You know the obvious things to look for. The Nigerian Prince, the strange website links, etc. You even installed anti-virus software on your computer. While these are all great things to look out for,

To most people, accounting is the same no matter what type of business you have. It consists of balance sheets, profit and loss statements, debits and credits. However, when it comes to nonprofit accounting, the rules are a little different. Accounting Guidelines For-profit businesses differ drastically from nonprofits when it comes to their accounting guidelines.

All it takes is one click to compromise your online security. Save your organization from potential loss with these five tips for staying cyber strong. As technology advances, so do cybercriminals. What previously kept your network safe may now be considered the bare minimum as phishing tactics become more sophisticated, making victims of even some

Protect your email, data, and business with Barracuda Essentials for Office 365, multi-level email security and data protection for the modern business. According to Forbes, more than 90 percent of all cyber attacks are initiated through email, with ransomware and phishing being the most common forms of security breaches. Modern businesses can’t afford to lose

This post summarizes the experts and training sessions in store for the 2018 SYGNVS Conference. This year, the agenda also includes a second day of post-conference training on tips and tricks. SYGNVS Integrated Solutions is bringing industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs together in Covington, LA for its 2018 SYGNVS Conference. The two-day conference will take

Process automation helps organizations streamline their operations by managing the flow of content and information without tying up employees’ time. Modern organizations face a number of challenges in the increasingly fast-paced global economy. The information age has created an environment where clients and partners expect things to be done quickly without any sacrifice in quality.

Running a successful non-profit organization is a challenging task that often requires a very structured approach. Budgeting, assisting with audits, report generation for various parties and increasing revenue are all crucial tasks that a CFO is expected to handle. Particular attention to detail must be paid to reporting practices. This is imperative, firstly to comply

Summary In a recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that 10.1% of fraud victim organizations were non-profits that reported a median loss of $100,000. The following combination of “events” could be contributing to the drastic aggravation of a situation at your non-profit. Body Any and every non-profit competing in the modern

When you’ve taken the time to select and introduce a new software or program to your business, you’re bound to be eager to see its results as quickly as possible. This is especially true with management programs, which are designed to help you structure your business from top to bottom. However, it takes skill and

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