Laserfiche User Conference October 25th

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Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with work, tunnel vision prevents us from considering better solutions. Why not call upon your Laserfiche community for practical and impartial advice? Join us for a user group meeting to talk shop with peers from your area. You will learn about: The latest and most useful features in Laserfiche. Best

Get a look at what new features are coming in 2018 and beyond for Sage 100 and 100c. In this free webinar John Woodward of Sage will provide you with the details on the upcoming 2018 release, including the long-awaited update of the Payroll and Job Cost Modules. The webinar will include a live demonstration,

Efficiency is a quality many companies and employees are proud to tout. From making 2,000 widgets a day to processing several dozen emails within an hour, being efficient is badge of honor in the working world. The benefit of efficiency is that it can be relatively easy to measure. As management expert Peter Drucker once said, “If

A sound annual budget is a must for any well-run nonprofit. Working together, the nonprofit’s staff and board members will use the budgeting process to intelligently establish priorities and allot resources for the coming year. But that’s only the beginning of the budget’s lifecycle. Your Budget Is a Management Tool A successful budget is carefully

Attending a conference isn’t always easy. There’s travel, time off and the added expense. But when you do attend an industry conference, you usually learn so much it’s well worth the hassle. Well, if you’ve ever wanted to get more Laserfiche training without having to travel to a conference, we’ve got an awesome announcement! Laserfiche

No doubt your nonprofit spent countless hours developing the annual budget. But how well are you monitoring its health throughout the year? Inevitably, changes occur ― whether it’s new funding, higher expenses, or unexpected opportunities ― which necessitate ongoing monitoring, assessing, and revisions to the budget. To help with this process, Abila has developed the

Data Backup Defeats Corruption

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Cloud-based data protection helps dental practice keeps doors open while recovering from a database disruption Think of database corruption as a stealth enemy working quietly to sabotage your IT operations. Little by little, data is destroyed until extensive damage occurs, making a system crash inevitable. What causes the problem is often unknown since corruption can

Is your password “password?” What about “123456?” More than 10% of people use just 25 passwords, according to Splash Data’s latest research. If your password is on this list, it’s easy to guess, putting your security, privacy, and identity could be at risk. Maybe you think that the password strength bar on a website will help

A small business was swimming in three feet of water after Hurricane Sandy, but still made its payroll thanks to its reliable cloud backup and recovery service. Hurricane Sandy blazed a path of destruction up the East Coast in late October 2012, leaving 7.5 million people without power, flooding lower Manhattan and New Jersey seaside

It’s 8:30 Tuesday morning and already your stomach is churning. You barely slept, and when you did the nightmares would start. By 8:45 your first patient is sitting in the waiting room. You know her name and why she’s a patient. But you can’t remember where you are in the treatment because you’ve been locked

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